We are Reformed Baptists.

What does that mean? First what does it mean to be reformed? It means that we hold to the FIVE SOLAS, and also the theology of TULIP as presented. We also have adopted the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith as a church, which we address below. First, let us address what it means to be reformed.


sola scriptura: God haČ™ given His only plan of salvation for fallen man according to His Holy Scriptures alone.

solus Christus: God has given His plan of salvation for fallen man in Christ alone.

sola fide: God grants salvation to fallen man through faith alone.

sola gratia: God saves fallen man by grace alone.

soli del gloria: God saves fallen man to glorify God alone.


Total Depravity: Man is by nature fallen being born of fallen man producing only fallen men. All mankind is separated from God the moment of conception, and is in desperate need of a savior from his or her sinful state. This state was given to us in Genesis 3 when man originally sinned against God.

Unconditional Election: God does not save according to any special worth found within man. He saves according to His own purpose and glory, and when He saves it is without any conditions, by solely by His grace and choosing.

Limited Atonement: Jesus Christ died for those whom will believe upon Him, and who are called by the Father. His sacrifice is not wasted and every ounce of His blood that made atonement for sin was for those who will believe upon Him from History past to future come. Jesus did not die for those who reject Him, as this would create injustice upon God, and what we would call double justice.

Irresistible Grace: All those whom The Father gives to His Son will come to His Son. This means that it is impossible, once eyes are open, and shown the beauty of Christ, and the need for Him as Savior, for one to reject Him. All who are called will come.

Perseverance of the Saints: All who are truly called will endure and follow Jesus until death, or His return. God does not save phonies, but by the work of Christ His Son, and the power of His Spirit, He regenerates all true believers and makes them His children whom He is safely bringing to Himself.

What does it mean to be Baptist?

We are not only reformed in our theology, but we are also baptists for certain doctrinal distinctive that set us apart from other denominational or non-denominational associations. To be Baptist primarily ad historically means that we hold to a certain view of water baptism and what it means. Water baptism comes only after conversion, and the mode of water baptism is to be fully immersed under water. For this reason, we do not affirm sprinkling, or infant baptism as biblical signs of the command of Christ.

We view, as such is taught within the Scriptures, that water baptism is non-salvific and is only a symbol of a reverent, public, and meaningful mark of identification as belonging to the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the same way, as Baptists, we would view The Lord's Supper, or Communion. It is non-salvific, and is to be observed reverently, in a public and corporate manner with the body of Chrst, as remembrance of what Jesus accomplished on the cross, as He commanded.

1689 Confession:

We have adopted the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, with the following exceptions.

Article 22:8

We do not hold the strict sabbatarian view, however, we do take serious the gathering of the saints and believe the 4th commandment is still a command for us to adhere to. We believe God has fulfilled this command in His Son Christ, and that all days are a day of rest in Him, while gathering on Sunday's is no less or more.

Sunday's gathering is to be held high, and Believers ought to gather with the church, and not neglect one another. However, we do not see take this to a level the confession does when it says, in article 22:8 ". . . they observe a holy rest all day from their own works, words and thoughts about their secular employment and recreation. Not only that, but they also fill the whole time with public and private acts of worship and the duties of necessity and mercy."

This portion of the confession seems to go beyond what is written in the Holy Scriptures, and projects impossible realities upon the brothers and sisters i. e. to rest from all "works, words, and thoughts"

Article 26:8

In article 26:8 it is suggested that the church has sole authority over the appointing of its officers. However, we do not affirm that the congregation has authority to appoint elders, nor do we see this in the Scriptures, but see the opposite. Elders appoint elders. In the event that a church does not have a pastor, the members therein ought to call and select pastors for themselves. However, this authority should then be transferred to the elders. Timothy and Titus were charged by Paul to appoint elders, and to entrust to faithful men what was entrusted to them.

However, we do affirm the church has the authority in selecting it's deacons.