Saginaw Family Staff & Leadership

The Head of The Church

We believe in full that Jesus Christ is the head of the church. Saginaw Family seeks to be a church in submission to Him and His authority as He is the ultimate and Chief Shepherd over us. Here at Saginaw Family we also believe, that under Christ, are what the Bible deems "under-shepherds." These are qualified men set apart to govern the affairs of His church and oversee the flock of God. These men the Bible also calls "Elders" or "Overseers" or "Bishops." It is important to note that these qualified men are the only pastors of the church.


We use the term "elder" to refer to our pastors here at Saginaw Family, and these men have a shared responsibility of leadership and authority here among the local church. We believe in a multiplicity of leadership, as is the example given in the New Testament. The New Testament also recognizes a lead elder such as Timothy or Titus was. We believe the formula for what makes a qualified elder is: competency plus character over time equals credibility. We do not affirm as elders here at Saginaw Family as the role and title of pastor is solely for qualified men, likewise, we do not affirm any role in the church as pastor other than those who are called elders, as such is the design given in the New Testament i.e. we do not affirm Youth "pastors" Children's "Pastors" Worship "Pastor" etc.


Deacons are the second, and only other office within the church out side of Elder, however, while the two offices share some similarities, the functionality of the roles are entirely different. The role of deacon likewise requires qualified persons according to Biblical standards laid out in the New Testament, but in the case of deacon, the test allows for this role to filled by both male and female. Deacons are assistants to the elders, and are equipped to serve the local church in a variety of ways. This office is a non-teaching role and is not entrusted with shepherding the flock with any authority in the church.

Staff & Teams

Beyond the two offices laid out above, Saginaw Family has entrusted roles and responsibilities to aid the body in carrying out vital ministry to various staff and teams to serve the body as a whole, gifted in many ways by Christ, to be unified in the mission and work Jesus has tasked us with.